We’re Bringing on a New Executive Director

The Jackson County Community Long Term Recovery Group (JCC LTRG) has selected Caryn Wheeler-Clay as its Executive Director. Caryn comes to the JCC LTRG from Oregon State University Extension Service in Jackson and Josephine counties where she focused on public health and community development. Previously, Caryn worked for Jackson County Public Health as their accreditation coordinator and a community outreach educator. Caryn brings a wealth of experience, including coalition building, project management, community assessment, and planning.  Caryn will assume her post as Executive Director effective November 1, 2021.

“Caryn has been a part of the Recovery efforts in Jackson County since the start. Her ability to make connections and lead with passion not only for the work but the whole community, all while maintaining a focus on equity, are just some of the examples of what our Board sees in Caryn,” said JCC LTRG President Lucy Brossard. “The Board is excited to work with Caryn as our new Executive Director and confident that JCC LTRG will thrive under her guidance.”

“I appreciate the Board’s confidence in me and am honored to continue my work on the recovery efforts through the JCC LTRG. I am excited to step into this new role and carry forward the partnerships I have forged in my decade of public health service to Jackson County. In the immediate aftermath of the Almeda and South Obenchain fires, community partners and members worked tirelessly to provide support and services to survivors and each other. These actions helped move mountains. I have faith we will continue to move mountains and demonstrate the power of community as we move through recovery.”

As Executive Director, Caryn will work closely with the JCC LTRG Board of Directors to continue growing our capacity to assist the recovery needs of Almeda and South Obenchain fire survivors. Caryn will expand the connections of those in need and the case managers, building relationships with community organizations, services, and philanthropic donors/funds who can provide solutions to the unmet needs of survivors. She will also monitor the flow of information and invest considerable time in developing a deep understanding of the many different rebuild/assistance efforts from local, regional, state, and federal stakeholders.  

Here is a great interview with Caryn Wheeler-Clay on The Jefferson Exchange by JPR.

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