Housing Recovery Workgroup


JCC LTRG Housing Recovery Workgroup Description

The Housing Recovery Workgroup is a monthly networking meeting to connect pro-housing advocates from diverse backgrounds and experiences to meet wildfire victims’ construction and housing needs in Jackson County and pursue practical and achievable housing goals to improve housing options, focusing on serving low and middle-income households.

We invite those interested in participating to contact our Housing Recovery Director, Matthew Havniear, by emailing  

Key Priorities and Action Plans

Get Involved

Join Our Mission to Build Affordable Housing

Are you a landowner, or do you know a landowner who’s interested in making a difference in our community? We’re on the lookout for partners who share our vision of developing affordable housing to enhance the lives of families in need. Your land could be the cornerstone of someone’s future home, a place where stability, comfort, and community grow.

Whether you’re ready to offer land or you have a lead on potential sites, we welcome your contribution. By collaborating with us, you have the unique opportunity to be part of the solution to the housing crisis in our region.

Please let us know if you have a parcel of land or information about available land that could be developed into affordable housing. Your input is invaluable; together, we can pave the way for resilience and recovery in housing.

By clicking this button above, you will be directed to a Google Form where you can share details about the land. Every piece of information brings us one step closer to a community where everyone has a place to call home.

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